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obsessed with: denim

Denim is definitely in this season — and no I’m not talking about the Double Denim Dilemma of a jean jacket topping jeans! This summer dresses are the way to wear it. Combined with some leather it gives a laid-back, boho look that’s sure to draw the right attention. Stella McCartney kick started the trend this season, but more designers are sure to follow. Be sure to keep this look casual by pairing it with light accessories or a bright bag.

Alessandra Ambrosio in Genetic Denim.

Kate Bosworth in Mulberry.

Kirsten Dunst in Stella McCartney.

Sienna Miller in Isabel Marant.


obsessed with: the academy awards

It’s so hard to process any information at the moment because I’m distracted by James Franco’s good looks. I also think I may have just become an Anne Hathaway fan. She looked great on the red carpet. Now, on to my best and worst dressed!


My best dressed is (let me tell you it was tough) Natalie Portman. The dress is by Rodarte and about a million times better than her Golden Globes dress. She looks stunning with that baby bump.

Scarlett Johansson was a close runner up for me. She’s wearing a cutout Dolce and Gabanna dress and her whole look is really pretty. People seem to be hating on this look though…

Giuliana Rancic looked awesome in her Christian Siriano gown. Unfortunately there aren’t any high quality pictures of her since she didn’t walk the red carpet. Can she nominate herself for best dressed on fashion police?

Mila Kunis is spot-on at every award ceremony. Tonight she’s wearing Elie Saab and it looks so elegant and graceful on her.

Melissa Leo opted for a Marc Bouwer high-necked gown that’s seriously awesome. The look is just unique enough for the Oscars while still being elegant and feminine.



Camilla Alves: the neckline on her black gown looks so fitting on her

Halle Berry: do I even have to say anything? when doesn’t she look fabulous?

Sandra Bullock: red was an excellent color choice for Sandra. the cut of this gown is perfect for her.

Michelle Williams: happy to see something that didn’t resemble her Golden Globes gown. she should stick to Chanel.

Helena Bonham Carter: she is a boss. this dress is awesome and so her style.



My worst dress pick is without a doubt Cate Blanchett. This dress is by Givenchy and looks like it was fastened together with barnacles. If anyone nominates her for best dressed they are seriously disturbed.

Gwyneth Paltrow, what were you thinking? This Calvin Klein dress makes you look like you could star in one of my favorite Disney Channel original movies, “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.” What’s with that belt thing? Serious;y, why does everyone think this is OK?

I don’t even know why Florence Welch is here. Maybe she’s performing? Anyway, she looks homeless.

When will Nicole Kidman learn that white is not her color? Who is her stylist? Please don’t tell me it’s Rachel Zoe, I’d die. She’s so prone to wearing whites and nudes and pastels, and I just don’t understand. She’s too pale for this Dior gown.

Marisa Tomei really led me on for a minute. The camera started at her face and I thought everything was working out, until it panned down to her legs. The part of that dress is so bizarre, it ruins the whole ensemble.



Hailee Steinfeld: I don’t like your headband. you’re so young, wear something bright and fun!

Hillary Swank: how many birds were killed during the manufacturing of your gown?

Jennifer Hudson: too tight, too low cut.

Annette Bening: the beading on this gown is far, far too much.

Rhea Durham: Mark Wahlberg’s wife needs to fire whomever dressed her.


obsessed with: hunter boots


It’s been snowing all day today, and on snow days there’s nothing I prefer to wear more than my Hunter boots. I know, I know, they’ve become kind of trendy, (and I’m an advocate for combatting most trends) but every now and then we all fall victim to the good ones. Hunter boots originated in the UK, which happens to be where I purchased my pair over the summer. I own a tall, black pair of wellies, and today I wore them with the turquoise Hunter welly socks my mom got me for Christmas. Perfect for snow travel!


Many celebrities have been photographed wearing their wellies, and Hunter’s website boasts that they are the official supplier of waterproof footwear for HM The Queen, as seen here:


Kate Moss in Hunter boots

my style influences

These are the celebrities whose style I’m most obsessed with. While I like each of these ladies’ formal and casual looks, it’s mostly the glamourous formal wear that draws me in. First off Natalie Portman. I love her short, bright-colored  cocktail dresses. They still maintain elegance while being fun and flirty.

Leighton Meester is another favourite of mine. She has a great, eclectic look, that also incorporates classic pieces. I love the interesting the cutouts and patterns on her dresses.

This next choice was particularly difficult for me. Victoria Beckham is probably my top-ranked obsession. Sometimes I even annoy myself with how much I adore her. So, how was I supposed to only choose a few looks to display? It was hard, but I narrowed it down to six of my favourites. Her classic look works perfectly on her, and I love that she always wears heels and sunglasses. Seriously, she’s a goddess.

model of the moment

The new face of the Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign is Andrej Pejic. Andrej is an androgynous male, who has been shot in both male and female clothes, and seen on the runway. His versatile look will surely grant him many jobs!



obsessed with: golden globes

So, I had yoga until 9 and I raced home just in time to see my main man, Robert Pattinson. Anyone who knows me knows this isn’t about “Twilight” or vampires, just him. So I’ll start this post with him looking flawless.

OK, now that I got that out of the way, I’ll move on to my best and worst dressed.

Mila Kunis blew everyone out of the way. The one-shoulder knot looks fantastic and the back of the dress is just beautiful. She should win many best dressed awards.












I’m not really a Claire Danes fan (she kind of bores me) and I’m not usually a fan of her style, but this dress looks really great on her. The color doesn’t wash her out too much, and that neckline looks nice on her frame.












Amy Adams is one of my new favorites. She is such a great actress, and can adapt to so many different roles. Much like her roles, her style varies, and tonight she was spot on. Perfect color choice for her.












I love “Gossip Girl” and I love Leighton Meester. Her whole look works for me, and her hair and makeup are so elegant. People will likely disagree with me on this, though.












I didn’t know much about Katie Lee Joel, other than her relationship with the Piano Man, and that she sometimes cooks on Paula Deen’s show, until now. One thing I know now is that I like her style. This color looks awesome with her dark hair, and it was a standout among many jewel tones.













Natalie Portman: you are a total babe.

Giuliana Rancic: two dresses tonight, and two wins.

Nicole Kidman: your red hair is finally back!

Julia Stiles: your black dress and hot pink lip combo is so in right now.

Anne Hathaway: you usually bore me, but you’re just so sparkly!


And for my worst dressed: Julianne Moore. She’s drowning in fabric. And at one point when she stood up to congratulate someone, I thought she was missing an arm.












I don’t know where to start with Jennifer Love Hewitt. She almost never looks good. Her boobs are about to fall out, and her hair stylist seriously needs to stop replicating that bird’s nest on top of her head at every public event!












Michelle Williams is gorgeous and talented, and I really admire the way she’s carried herself throughout the years. She seems like such a free spirit, but this dress really is a fail.












Sandra Bullock needs to grow her bangs back out and stick to wearing dark colors as usual.












Megan Fox looks as skanky as always, and I swear that a girl I know wore that dress to prom four years ago. It looks like it was purchased at Deb. Sorry not sorry.













Emma Stone: super washed out. See my friend Rachel’s blog

J Lo: too sheer, too Jenny from the block.

Scarlett Johansson: your skin, dress and makeup are all the same color and it’s not working for me.

January Jones: this dress is so bizarre and you probably think your boobs look great, but they actually look really weird.

Helena Bonham Carter: you don’t care what anyone thinks, and it shows, being that you make every worst dressed list ever.


I’d love to hear other people’s opinion on the lists. The red carpet was so fun to watch tonight.

PS: I got all of these images from imdb, they have a whole Golden Globes gallery.


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