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fendi babes

Fendi just launched their first fall/winter collection for children and babies, a follow up to their previous spring/summer collection. Silvia Venturini Fendi describes the collection as “easy chic style and a sprinkling of irony for the ‘little’ Fendi ones.” While I don’t know of any toddlers who understand the concept of irony, I can’t deny how adorable the collection is. The press release notes that the collection includes “full cornflower blue and violet shades, with a brush-stroke of orange and acid green blend with the most classical grey and navy blue tones into a divertissement of multicolour stripes and camouflage designs with watercolour effect.” Fendi is certainly showing that kids can wear couture, too. The collection was shown at a fashion show in Italy, and a video can be seen below.

jeffrey williams’ ultimate collection

I certainly don’t think this is the most popular of the shows I like, but my love of fashion (and Project Runway’s switch to Lifetime) draws me in. This season, I became really attached to Jeffrey Williams, who showed his collection in the season finale, and won! He has a real talent, taking his twist to classic pieces. He chose his color palette and designs to reflect dresses that he envisioned his late mother would wear. His story is touching and his talent is blossoming. I hope to see more from him in the future.



obsessed with: hunter boots


It’s been snowing all day today, and on snow days there’s nothing I prefer to wear more than my Hunter boots. I know, I know, they’ve become kind of trendy, (and I’m an advocate for combatting most trends) but every now and then we all fall victim to the good ones. Hunter boots originated in the UK, which happens to be where I purchased my pair over the summer. I own a tall, black pair of wellies, and today I wore them with the turquoise Hunter welly socks my mom got me for Christmas. Perfect for snow travel!


Many celebrities have been photographed wearing their wellies, and Hunter’s website boasts that they are the official supplier of waterproof footwear for HM The Queen, as seen here:


Kate Moss in Hunter boots

my style influences

These are the celebrities whose style I’m most obsessed with. While I like each of these ladies’ formal and casual looks, it’s mostly the glamourous formal wear that draws me in. First off Natalie Portman. I love her short, bright-colored  cocktail dresses. They still maintain elegance while being fun and flirty.

Leighton Meester is another favourite of mine. She has a great, eclectic look, that also incorporates classic pieces. I love the interesting the cutouts and patterns on her dresses.

This next choice was particularly difficult for me. Victoria Beckham is probably my top-ranked obsession. Sometimes I even annoy myself with how much I adore her. So, how was I supposed to only choose a few looks to display? It was hard, but I narrowed it down to six of my favourites. Her classic look works perfectly on her, and I love that she always wears heels and sunglasses. Seriously, she’s a goddess.

obsessed with: vogue collections magazine

I conned my mom into buying this for me somehow, and it was definitely worth the $39.99. Thanks mom! The magazine shows the spring/summer collections of 2011 from Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion week. The cover (which is awesome) boasts 130 designers, 2,600 looks and 1,100 accessories. I love that you can see the designers’ varying work from country to country, and the photography is amazing as usual. I’m vowing to keep it forever.

obsessed with: lanvin for h&m

I want to own everything from this collection! Lanvin was founded in 1909 by Jeanne Lanvin, who got her start making clothes for her daughter. When word caught on of her work, she started making dresses for mothers. The company decided to target consumers searching for a lower price tag, and released a collection in November for H&M. The women’s line has short skirts with volume, bold prints and colors and tailored looks. The February issue of InStyle notes that during lunch with cover girl Natalie Portman, the interviewer was stunned by her sherbet colored dress, and was shocked to learn it was from this collection.

watch Joe Zee of Elle magazine show off the new collection


These are some photos Seth took last year one day. We got caught in it between classes, and then I skipped class to have a snowball fight instead. Oops!





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