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Let’s not talk about how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. To make a long story short, my excuses are midterms, spring break and a hard drive crash. But during my time away from blogging, I’ve been working on my dress designs for my art thesis class. Hopefully they will be revealed on here soon! I’ve also been accumulating a list of more things to become obsessed with.

My new MacBook Pro. I can’t stay off of it. Now I have no more hard drive crash excuses, though.


Target GO International Designer Collection. I’m so thankful Target decided to do this collection. I love that the designers made low-budget dresses without compromising any of their design. I bought this Rodarte dress! I can’t believe I own a Rodarte piece that cost me less than $50!


My Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. This spray is awesome for fine, wavy hair like mine. It has salt water in it, which gives hair a beachy look.


Kook, by Peter Heller. I find this book fascinating, especially being from a surf town. Heller is a really honest writer, and his story is fun and challenging. I’m going to finish it as soon as my projects are turned in!


Why did it take me until today to discover this delicacy?!! They are only $1.65 for 12 pops and they are so delicious! I’m trying lime next.


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