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obsessed with: the academy awards

It’s so hard to process any information at the moment because I’m distracted by James Franco’s good looks. I also think I may have just become an Anne Hathaway fan. She looked great on the red carpet. Now, on to my best and worst dressed!


My best dressed is (let me tell you it was tough) Natalie Portman. The dress is by Rodarte and about a million times better than her Golden Globes dress. She looks stunning with that baby bump.

Scarlett Johansson was a close runner up for me. She’s wearing a cutout Dolce and Gabanna dress and her whole look is really pretty. People seem to be hating on this look though…

Giuliana Rancic looked awesome in her Christian Siriano gown. Unfortunately there aren’t any high quality pictures of her since she didn’t walk the red carpet. Can she nominate herself for best dressed on fashion police?

Mila Kunis is spot-on at every award ceremony. Tonight she’s wearing Elie Saab and it looks so elegant and graceful on her.

Melissa Leo opted for a Marc Bouwer high-necked gown that’s seriously awesome. The look is just unique enough for the Oscars while still being elegant and feminine.



Camilla Alves: the neckline on her black gown looks so fitting on her

Halle Berry: do I even have to say anything? when doesn’t she look fabulous?

Sandra Bullock: red was an excellent color choice for Sandra. the cut of this gown is perfect for her.

Michelle Williams: happy to see something that didn’t resemble her Golden Globes gown. she should stick to Chanel.

Helena Bonham Carter: she is a boss. this dress is awesome and so her style.



My worst dress pick is without a doubt Cate Blanchett. This dress is by Givenchy and looks like it was fastened together with barnacles. If anyone nominates her for best dressed they are seriously disturbed.

Gwyneth Paltrow, what were you thinking? This Calvin Klein dress makes you look like you could star in one of my favorite Disney Channel original movies, “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.” What’s with that belt thing? Serious;y, why does everyone think this is OK?

I don’t even know why Florence Welch is here. Maybe she’s performing? Anyway, she looks homeless.

When will Nicole Kidman learn that white is not her color? Who is her stylist? Please don’t tell me it’s Rachel Zoe, I’d die. She’s so prone to wearing whites and nudes and pastels, and I just don’t understand. She’s too pale for this Dior gown.

Marisa Tomei really led me on for a minute. The camera started at her face and I thought everything was working out, until it panned down to her legs. The part of that dress is so bizarre, it ruins the whole ensemble.



Hailee Steinfeld: I don’t like your headband. you’re so young, wear something bright and fun!

Hillary Swank: how many birds were killed during the manufacturing of your gown?

Jennifer Hudson: too tight, too low cut.

Annette Bening: the beading on this gown is far, far too much.

Rhea Durham: Mark Wahlberg’s wife needs to fire whomever dressed her.



obsessed with: nyfw

I was originally planning on compiling a best/worst dressed list for the Grammy’s, but after Lady Gaga showed up inside of an egg I changed my mind and decided to start my fashion week coverage. What better way to start than with my girl Victoria? Her collection featured relaxed silhouettes and shirt-dresses in desert-colored cashmere. She also tried her hand at structured wool coats, and definitely succeeded. I’m really impressed with her overall collection. She certainly has a place in this industry.


the happiest news of the weekend

My idol Victoria Beckham is reportedly having a girl!!! I can barely contain my excitement! What I would give to be her nanny, personal assistant, best friend…

The Sun’s report.

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